ToR for Short term individual consultancy on the revision of School Violence Index (SVI)

TOR on SVI for a Consultant

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Second youth discussion forum was held on Aug,17 at Dire Dawa university on the topic of relevance of College of Education the Context of Ethiopia, Dr. Daniel Mamo briefly discussed the major gaps concerning the education curriculum gap and how it should focus on the quality education.#CivicEducation #InitiativeAfrica  


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British Council’s Active Citizen Training at Gebre Guracha

Initiative Africa with Shalom humanitarian Development Association is cascading the Activ citizen’s program funded by the British Council. This week, from August 15 – 18, 2019 will be at Gebre Guracha, Oromia Region. The program will be given to the micro small Enterprise groups and 2018+2019 graduates. Follow for more to come all over Ethiopia

Gender equality in human rights perspective

We held a discussion about Gender equality in human rights perspective at wollo university on July 27,2019.

TOR on School Clubs

This ToR is out for Youth and Student based Organizations who want to work with IA on Establishing / Strengthening School clubs in 20 selected schools in Addis Ababa and Teach Life skill and SRH educations.

Please read the attached ToR Document for better Understanding

TOR on School Clubs

TOR on School Clubs

For those who are interested, Please provide your Project and Financial Proposal as well as a draft workplan until 5:00 PM of October 2, 2019 through the following emails:   or

Civic Education Program Schedule