The Organization. Our core Values. Our Team.

Our Mission

To contribute to a sustainable, just, and peaceful Ethiopia and Africa with opportunity for all.

Our Vision

Ensure that today’s children, youth and women are adequately prepared to be tomorrow’s innovators and leaders

Great Support

The board consists of eight members that are specialists in the fields of Education, Business, and Civil Society. The members establish Initiative Africa’s program goals, work plans, and budgets. They meet on an annual basis to review the progress of various activities and to plan future policies.

Mr. Kebour Ghenna is the Board appointed Executive Director of Initiative Africa. The organization currently employs Educators, Researchers, Editors, Publishers, Information personnel and Technical Support Staff that are exceptional in their work field.

Our Values

  • Commitment
  • Self reliance
  • Trust worthiness
  • Non-discrimination
  • Transparency and accountability at all levels
  • Integrity and mutual respect between and among stakeholders

We work to reduce risks to vulnerable populations and to help communities, non-governmental organizations, and local authority provide services and protection for at-risk groups. For Initiative Africa vulnerable populations are defined as those groups of people who are typically excluded, disadvantaged or marginalized based on their economic, environmental, social, or cultural characteristics, specifically, children, youth and women.

Through a variety of programs IA helps vulnerable populations gain access to opportunities that support their full participation in society. We contribute to the development of capacities of vulnerable populations nationwide and across Africa. In doing so, we help prevent conflict, spur economic growth, and advance human dignity.

The Board of Directors

Mr. Demisse Yibgeta

Chair Man

Mr. Demiss is a founder and CEO of local technology company called ITSC. He brings new technology and networking solutions to clients. Through partnerships with software engineers, hardware companies, training institutes and the end-user, he offers vendor-neutral solutions as a consultant. A graduate of the AA University, Applied Physics, he is an RCDD, RTPM, DCDC, Master Instructor. He has worked for contractors, distributors, and telecommunications companies. Demiss joined IA right from the start as a volunteer and then as a board member. He brings to Initiative Africa a combination of operating experience and entrepreneurial solutions.

Mrs. Amanawit Aychilhum

Vice Chair Woman

Amanawit is a graduate of the Addis Ababa Commercial College. A 20-year veteran of the insurance industry, she joined the Ethiopian Insurance Corporation as a sales agent in 2004 and was named sales agent of the Years 2007, 2008, 2009. A superb trainer Amanawit has helped more than 55 companies improve their sales performance and processes. Still a member of the Ethiopian Insurance Company sales group, she brought the same winning spirit to her new position as a member of the IA board in 2013.

Mrs. Genet Shewangzaw


Mr. Tsega Hawaz


Mrs. Sindu Abebe


Mr. Tigist Yilma


The Team

Mrs. Doi Temesgen

Office Manager

Mr. Yehualashet G/Michael

Acting Executive Director

Mr. Getachew W/Mariam

Finance and Administrative Manager

Mrs. Dalaya Ashenafi

Project Manager

Ms. Elshaday Hagos

Communications Manager

Mr. Eshetu Desta

Site Project Officer

Mr. Samuel Daniel

Project Officer

Mrs. Etsegenet Muzeyen

Junior Accountant

Mrs. Ayinalem Asefawossen

Office Assistant

Mrs. Genet Eshetu

Office Assistant


Mr. Assefa Gebremichael

IT Officer

Mrs. Fraol Wondimu

 Junior Accountant

Associate Staff

Mr. Girma Kebede

Communication Expert

Dr. Seleshi Yitbarek

Education Expert

Mr. Zenayeneh Girma

Human and Youth Right Expert

Mr. Abera Lakew

Curriculum and Afan Oromo Expert

Mrs.Meron Gennene

Gender Expert

Mr. Tewodros Abate


Mr. Eyob Kagnehu

Legal Expert

Mr. Tilahun Telila

Afan Oromo language Expert

Mr. Bayulign Ayalew

Teacher Educator (Teaching Reading)

Mr. Getachew Debela

Science Teaching Expert

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