Public Private Dialogue (PPD) conducted by Oromia Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association

Oromia Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association, with the financial support from Initiative Africa, has conducted a Public Private Dialogue (PPD) on Thursday February 10, 2022, at Future Park Hotel.

Regional Government representatives from Oromia Revenue Authority, Oromia Investment & Industry Bureau, Oromia Transport Agency and Oromia Trade Bureau and members of the Oromia Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association (OCCSA) have attended the PPD.

During the PPD, Afro Universal Consult & General Trading PLC presented a research paper pinpointing the challenges of the business environment in Oromia Region. The presentation was followed by Q & A session where the business community forwarded its questions on good governance, illegal trade, access to land for investment, challenges of organizing trade exhibitions as well as its concerns over tax related issues. The respective concerned regional government officials responded to the questions and concerns raised by the business community. 

The participants from the business community reflected their frustration over the inability of the Oromia Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association to do follow up on challenges identified by studies saying, “There are many instances where funds were raised from different sources to conduct studies on the drawbacks and challenges of the business environment. On many occasions, irrespective of studying and identifying the issues and challenges, there has never been any actual measure taken from the government side or other stakeholders to alleviate the challenges and offer solutions to the issues.”  

Finally, the participants requested the Oromia Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association to take a responsibility to organize another workshop that will evaluate the actions taken over the issues identified from the PPD. The meeting adjourned with consensus from both sides (regional government and business community representatives) to continue with the discussion to improve the business environment. The Oromia Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association promised to do the follow up and come back with the solutions organizing a workshop.

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