Initiative Africa conducted First time voters’ education program

Initiative Africa carried out several training and discussion sessions for the first-time voters in universities and youth groups over 10 locations in different regions across the nation. The chosen locations were Diredawa, Ambo, Adama, Bahirdar, Debrebirhan, Hawassa, Gondar, Wolayta, Arbaminch and Wello.

The training focused on the importance of youth participation in the election, the basics of the election and the procedures of voting. The program was entertaining as it includes a mock -election, short play that was well accepted by the participants as the performance added the youth’s point of view and talents.
In addition, a group of 5 women were selected among the trainees and were given TOT and facilitation training on first time voter education and discussion. The women in turn cascaded the training to their peers in their community.

The trainings proved to be fruitful, and the youth shared their point of view and understanding to learn from one another and discussed through dialogue.

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