Initiative Africa and Ministry of Peace Collaborate to Empower Youth

In partnership with the Ministry of Peace and with funding from the British Council, Initiative Africa recently concluded a transformative training program from February 1st to 5th, 2024. The program, part of the ongoing “Strengthening Ethiopia National Voluntary Youth Service Programme,” focused on enhancing the capacity of facilitators and coordinators.

Over the five-day training, participants engaged in comprehensive sessions aimed at equipping them with the latest tools and techniques to drive impactful change within their communities. Through interactive workshops and skill-building exercises, facilitators gained valuable insights into innovative approaches to equip youth development and community building.

The collaboration between Initiative Africa and the Ministry of Peace reflects a broader commitment to promoting peace, inclusivity, and sustainable development within Ethiopian society. By investing in the capacity-building of youth service facilitators and coordinators, the initiative aims to create positive change, contributing to a more peaceful and prosperous Ethiopia.

Looking ahead, Initiative Africa seeks to further strengthen its partnerships to continue making meaningful strides in youth empowerment and community development in Ethiopia.

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