Gender Based Violence Survey

The survey on gender-based violence during COVID-19 and its impacts in Addis Ababa is underway. Recruited by Initiative Africa, Dr. Sewalem Tsega Consultancy Services is the firm conducting the survey. The survey is being conducted in selected Sub-Cities of Addis Ababa to determine the level of Violence against Women and Girls before and during the pandemic. The purpose of the survey in detail is:

  • The current capacities and organizational capabilities of the institutions involved to address/confront issues of violence against women/girls and to address gender and gender‐based social issues broadly within their mandates;
  • Gender‐based violence, variation and prevalence;
  • The Impact of Covid-19 on the status of VAW/G.
  • The vulnerability of women to VAW/G; and
  • VAWG‐specific advocacy and support service provision-related to both institutional environments as well as individual perceptions/awareness.

This survey results and report will be released in the coming month.

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