“Business for Peace: Nation Building for Positive Peace”

Initiative Africa (IA) believes that business plays a crucial role in fostering peace and nation-building. In collaboration with the Addis Ababa Chamber of Sectoral Association (AACSA), IA organized a thought-provoking panel discussion under the theme “Business for Peace: Nation Building for Positive Peace.”
This enlightening event was made possible through the generous support of the Swedish Embassy, which provided a grant through the Business for Peace project. At IA, we recognize the importance of creating platforms that bring together key stakeholders to foster dialogue, share ideas, and create sustainable solutions for peacebuilding.

During the panel discussion, esteemed experts and leaders from various sectors came together to discuss and explore innovative ways in which businesses can contribute to building positive peace in our nation. Through engaging conversations and insightful presentations, the panel delved into the role of entrepreneurship, economic development, and corporate social responsibility in advancing peace and stability.

With a focus on practical strategies and real-life examples, this event aimed to inspire and empower individuals and organizations alike to embrace their role as agents of change. By harnessing the power of business, we can drive social impact, promote inclusivity, and contribute to a more peaceful society.
IA remains committed to promoting peaceful coexistence through our diverse range of initiatives. From empowering youth and women to fostering dialogue between communities, we strive to create an enabling environment where everyone can thrive.

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