IA Benefiting From USAID’s Local Capacity Development Program

Initiative Africa is currently benefitting from USAID’s Local Capacity Development (LCD) program. The primary goal of LCD is to strengthen the management capacity of local implementing partners so that they adopt strong systems which are fully compliant with USAID’s grant requirements. This is to ultimately create a pool of qualified, USAID-ready local organizations that are eligible to receive, and capable of managing, future USAID program funds as well as funding from other donors and sources. (The Kaizen Company, 2016)

The LCD team has conducted a performance assessment test at IA which led to the capacity building training and support to meet donor requirements. This training spans a duration of about 4 – 6 monthsand is focused on strategic planning, program management, financial management and human resource system management. Selected IA staff started attending this program according to the schedule given to them by the LCD- Kaizen Company.

Additionally, based on the recommendation given to IA by the LCD, IA is now working on revising its monitoring guideline, policy statements, reporting formats, and procedures.

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