How to be Strong Independent Woman Part three

Managing Your Finances

  • Foster financial independence, to the extent that is possible in your circumstances. The independence that comes with your ability to earn your own income, start your own bank account, and buy your own property is something women have been (and still are, in some parts of the world) deprived of


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for a raise. Women are less likely than men to ask for a raise. When they do ask for a raise, they ask for less money than a man typically would. Fall back on your assertiveness training and don’t be afraid to ask for the raise that you deserve.

How to be a Strong Independent Women Part 2

Part 2 Taking Care of Your Health

1) Get enough exercise. Staying in shape improves your overall health, your mood, and your energy levels, which will improve your performance in all aspects of your life. Regular exercise can help prevent disease such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes and it can also help with management of chronic disorders like asthma or back pain.

2) Eat healthy, nutritious foods. A healthy diet, like exercise, can help prevent disease and increase your mood and energy. Everyone is different and can have varying dietary requirements. Talk with your doctor or a certified nutritionist to develop a plan appropriate for you.

3) Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can affect your health and mood. Aim to get at least seven or eight hours of sleep so that you can function at your best every day.

4) Understand your health. Personal strength is manifested physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you want to be a strong, independent woman, you need look no further than your own body.

How to Be a Strong Independent Woman

Part 1 Practicing Assertiveness

1)Put yourself first. When you notice yourself needing something whether it is intimacy, affection, or attention, give yourself what you need. If you need attention, take a day to pamper yourself in some way. If you need intimacy, spend time writing in a journal or exploring nature. If you need affection, give yourself affection by thinking about what you love about yourself or taking yourself out for dinner and a movie. The more easily you can meet your own emotional needs, the healthier your relationships will be because you will know and understand yourself and be better able to express yourself to your partner.

2) Don’t compare yourself to other women. Having a female role model to look up to is great. Just be careful that you do not fall into jealousy. Although jealousy is natural to some degree, western society tends to exacerbate female jealousy through advertisements and films that feature unrealistic standards.

3) Set clear boundaries. Set clear boundaries that prioritize your own needs. For example, set boundaries with regards to as how much time you spend with someone, or the kinds of criticisms you are not willing to hear. Be sure you have other things going on in your life outside of any romantic relationship, whether it is school, work, friends, a fitness routine, or your family.

Set clear boundaries with the individual and communicate to this person your need to be your own independent person. Once the boundaries have been discussed, stick to them.

4) Stand up for yourself. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will have to learn to fend for yourself in the real world if you want to avoid being taken advantage of. You must learn how to stand up for yourself at school, at work, and in your social life.

5) Believe in yourself. When you believe in your abilities and your achievements, then you will convey strength. Pursue what you need and want. When you lack confidence or play the victim, you risk letting others walk all over you instead of getting what you need and want.

6) Let people know when they have hurt your feelings. If somebody betrays you in any way, be sure to let him or her know. It can be difficult to share your emotions, especially when you feel hurt or angry. But telling the other person how you feel may help prevent the person from repeating the behavior in the future.

7) Learn to recognize codependency. If you are co-dependent, you might find that the relationship defines your life. You might obsessively think about the other person and wait to decide until you have checked with him or her. Strive to overcome codependency by staying alert for the following signs.

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Innovative Grant Fund (IGF) signed and Pending Applicants

Innovative Grant Fund (IGF) signed and Pending Applicant

Innovative Grant Fund (IGF) signed and Pending Applicants

No. Name of BMO’s and Chambers of Commerce Status  
1 Ethiopia Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (ECCSA) Signed
2 Hawassa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (HwCCSA)  Signed
3 Harari Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (HrCCSA)  Signed
4 Amhara Region Chamber of Sectoral Associations (ARCSA)  Signed
5 Amhara Women Entrepreneurs Association (AmWEA)  Signed
6 Bahir Dar Women Entrepreneurs Association (BdWEA)  Signed
7 North Shewa Women Entrepreneurs Association (NSWEA)  Signed
8 South Gondar Women Entrepreneurs Association (SGWEA)  Signed
9 Gondar Women Entrepreneurs Association (GdWEA)  Signed
10 Oromia Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association (OCCSA)  Signed
11 Bishoftu Women Entrepreneurs Association (BiWEA)  Signed
12 Burayou Women Entrepreneurs Association (BuWEA)  Signed
13 Dukem Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Association (DkCCSA)  Signed
14 Adama Women Entrepreneurs Association (AdWEA)  Signed
15 Adama Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association (AdCCSA)  Signed
16 Ethiopian Event & Exhibition Organizers Association (EEEOA)  Signed
17 Ethiopian Poultry Producers and Processors Association (EPPPA)  Signed
18 Ethiopian Tour Operators Association (ETOA)  Signed
19 Social Enterprise Ethiopia (SEE)  Signed
20 Association of Women in Business (AWiB)  Signed
21 Ethiopian Agri-Business Association (EABA)  Signed
22 Ethiopian Women Exporters Association (EWExA)  Signed
23 Ethiopian Meat Producers and Exporters Association (EMPEA)  Signed
24 Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association (AACCSA) Signed
25 Jobs Creation Commission (JCC) Signed
26 Ethiopian Chamber of Sectoral Association (ECSA) Signed
27 Axum Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association (AxCCSA)   In process of    signing
28 Ethiopian Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Employers Federation (EMMEEF) In process of signing
29 Mekelle Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association (MCCSA) In process of signing
30 Tigray Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association (TCCSA) In process of signing
31 Tinsae Disabled Training Association (TDTA) In process of signing