Gender equality in human rights perspective

We held a discussion about Gender equality in human rights perspective at wollo university on July 27,2019.

TOR on School Clubs

This ToR is out for Youth and Student based Organizations who want to work with IA on Establishing / Strengthening School clubs in 20 selected schools in Addis Ababa and Teach Life skill and SRH educations.

Please read the attached ToR Document for better Understanding

TOR on School Clubs

TOR on School Clubs

For those who are interested, Please provide your Project and Financial Proposal as well as a draft workplan until 5:00 PM of October 2, 2019 through the following emails:   or

Civic Education Program Schedule

Validation Workshop on Gender Audit in the Broadcasting Media

We see media as the fourth branch of the government, it needs to be gender sensitive! We conducted a research on 8 media houses, 188 professionals to introduce a gender policy and improve it.

Do we reject AD’s that are immoral, that devalue women, that are sexist and have a stereotyped content?

We have to be aware of our institutional attitude and commitment.

civic education youth discussion project at Adi-Haqi Mekelle Campus

Monday July 15, Initiative Africa Held its civic education youth discussion project at Adi-Haqi Mekelle Campus, bringing students and the academic staff together – Dr. Tesfaalem Dean, College of Social Science and Languages as facilitator, Dr. Kelemwork Tafere and Dr. Desta G/Michael will be the panelist. 

Bringing civic education

Initiative Africa presents Bringing civic education to life with dialogue and debate in divided societies, @Jimma college of teachers Education in collaboration with youth and cultural development foundation YCDF.

Panel discussion on gender equality in the human right perspective

Initiative Africa in collaboration with Light Ethiopia held a panel discussion on gender equality in the human right perspective. Dr.Abate, President of Wollo University was a guest of honor in addition Assistant professor Sebsib Hadis, had a presentation on what leaders and leadership is.

Civic Education Forum in Higher Learning Institutions

“A new program to enhance civic education and to open debate between opposing views in higher learning institutions.”