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Our Projects

Making Change Happen

The project through four initiatives, aims to move towards a more holistic approach to preventing and combating violence against women, ensure freedom of choice and gender equality.

Empowering Young Girls

Building Communities’ is an Initiative Africa designed project targeting mostly girls in grades 9 -12 who have a desire to graduate, as well as out of school youths who wish to improve their opportunities.

Active Citizen

The project facilitated enriched educational and cultural exchanges that enhance learning about issues connected to the environment and to give participants an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Addis International Film Festival (AIFF)

The Addis International Film Festival (AIFF) is a documentary film festival held annually in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Organized by Initiative Africa, an education based non-governmental organization; it is the largest independent documentary film festival in Ethiopia.

Why us?

Expert Team

The team features experts across different fields with knowledge of working in NGO’s and projects impacting Women and Children.

Support and Guidance

Partnerships are crucial in implementation. Our partners provide training and support to ensure effective implementation.

Vast Outreach

We have projects in a network of communities across Ethiopia.

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