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Initiative Africa (IA) has been working with national and international partners across Ethiopia on various development, peace, and civic projects. In line with the priorities of the government, IA has increasingly been trying to use capacity development approaches that foster resilience in government and society – resilience to crises in livelihood, good governance, gender, and peace.

Let us make the Horn a peaceful & prosperous common home!

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Kebour Gena

Executive Director, PACCI
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What We Do

To mobilize the business community to engage in peacebuilding and conflict resolution actions and activities.

Through corporate social responsibility to maintain support for effective peacebuilding and inclusive coordination amongst Government, private sector, media actors, and civil society.

To respond to concrete challenges and opportunities to build a peaceful and just Ethiopia through civic education, training, internship, and apprenticeship activities.

Our Objective

Peace building & good governance

Objectives provide the parameters within which IA may use the funding from this project to build on priority initiatives for peacebuilding and good governance. The project is to be implemented over 24 months, using the project delivery and management structures of IA.

The main goal of this project is:

To enhance the peacebuilding potential of businesses, including, medium, small, and micro-enterprise (MSMEs)

To help promote the role local businessmen and women can play in reducing violence, building peace, and rebuilding countries and communities.

To help promote a better understanding with other peacebuilding organizations and collaborate to work for peace

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Women in Business

Women in Business

The role of business women in peace building

IA has secured a grant from SIDA (Swedish Embassy) to support peacebuilding and good governance initiatives in various sites. The overall goal of the project is to persuade businesses to participate in peacebuilding and good governance in Ethiopia. In addition, the project aims to bridge the gap between civics and peace-building activities especially involving the private sector.

Through the support from SIDA Initiative Africa(IA) is working on a project called “Business for Peace” to make the private sector aware of its role in the peace-building process and enable it to fulfill its role in an appropriate way. Believing that the work of one institution alone is useless to achieve this kind of national issue, IA is working in cooperation with business sector associations, and other governmental and non-governmental organizations in the country and abroad. It is usually considered that only the role of the government and some civil society organizations is given special attention in the process of peace-building in Ethiopia. This habit does not show the role of the business sector and the majority of the business community is not able to fulfill its social responsibilities. This challenge is more stands out for female private-sector actors.

In light of that Initiative Africa (IA) is working towards mobilizing the business community to actively participate in the process of peacebuilding and conflict resolution, using corporate social responsibility to enable effective peacebuilding and participatory collaboration among government, private sector, media actors and civil society as well as creating opportunities to see a peaceful and just Ethiopia by responding appropriately to real challenges and using civic lessons, training and work practices.

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