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PERCEPTION SURVEY: Impact of COVID-19 on Ethiopian Business Membership Organizations


A survey was conducted by IA to establish a baseline to develop effective strategies and work plan for maximizing the Innovative Grant Fund [IGF] in the Empowering Marginal Economic Actors through Policy Reform from the Bottom-up[EMEA] program. This is the first edition of the survey that will be a quarterly tracking poll on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Business Membership Organizations [BMOs] for the duration of this pandemic.


PROTECT YOURSELF FROM COVID-19 – ራስዎን ከኮሮና ቫይረስ ይጠብቁ


For further information please visit the Ethiopian Public Health Association Website /ለበለጠ መረጃ የኢትዮጵያ ህብረተሰብ ጤና ኢኒስቲትዩት ድህረ-ገጽ   or Facebook page / የፌስቡክ ገጽ 

or call on the Freeline – 8335



Book Gift Ceremony for the Schools of Life Skill Education Theater Program

As we all can recall Initiative Africa has recently implemented the life skill education and SRH Program on the first 5 schools residing in Addis Abeba.

As a recognition for the participant students who volunteered to perform the theater as well as support for the schools, IA had organized a book gift event on Wednesday Feb 26, 2020 at Dr. Hadis Alemayehu Secondary School on the morning Flag time. The participant students were very happy that they got that appreciation by their peers and the rest of the students were motivated and promised to be part of the programs future activities.

Call for Investigative Journalism Trainer – Terms of Reference (TOR)

This TOR document attached under this post is out with respect to the call for an investigative Journalism trainer & training manual developer to consult on an activity from the components of the project entitled “GENDER EQUALITY : Making Change Happen” being implemented by Initiative Africa currently. The information regarding the call is included in the document attached.

For any inquires contact us at Abenezer.t@initiativeafrica.net


ToR for Investigative Journalism Trainer

Wall Art Painting in School

Making Change Happen Project’s one pillar is to create a campaign for Anti-Bulling and Anti-GBV movements and Education for secondary and preparatory schools in Addis Ababa through wall art illustrations.

Through educational art, the walls of the schools will be painted by the artist and student volunteers. #art_education  #making_change_happen  #Anti_bulling #Anti_GBV