16 Days of Activism – STAND AGAINST RAPE!

what is consent in relation to sexual acts:
• Affirmative consent: Did the person express overt actions or words indicating agreement forsexual acts?
• Freely given consent: Was the consent offered of the person’s own free will, without being induced by fraud, coercion, violence, or threat of violence
• Capacity to consent: Did the individual have the capacity, or legal ability, to consent?
• Everyone has the right to sexuality without violence and as part of that, the positive sexuality begins with enthusiastic consent. This means being as excited and into someone else’s enjoyment as we are excited and into our own enjoyment. Only yes means yes – and yes should come from an engaged and enthusiastic partner.
? Stop using language that blames victims, objectifies women and normalizes sexual harassment. ? There is no excuse for rape. #OrangeTheWorld #GenerationEquality #16DaysOfActivism #InitiativeAfrica #MakeChangeHappen

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