Active Citizen

In July 2012, Initiative Africa (IA) and the British Council (BC) planned to hatch the next ECO -SCHOOLS LEADERS i.e.; schools committed to Environmental Education (EE). The proposed project entitled “Improve Environmental Leadership and Active participation of Young Conservationists through Active Citizens Program in Amhara, SNNPR and Addis Ababa selected Secondary and Preparatory Schools” was hosted by Simachew Alemu Limat Foundation (SALF) - Bahir Dar, Center of Concern (COC) - Hawassa and Addis Ababa Youth Associations (AAYA) - Addis Ababa. The project facilitated enriched educational and cultural exchanges that enhance learning about issues connected to the environment and to give participants an experience that lasts a lifetime.

The project is purposefully designed to provide opportunity for young conservationists to;

Be Inspired and Educated about the Environment in totality.

Exercise Environmental Leadership.

Increase awareness and understanding of the economic, cultural, scientific, and aesthetic values of living natural resources.

Appreciate cultural diversity to work together despite differences, to break down social barriers and stereotypes, to improve self-confidence, to develop intercultural communication skills and to work with shared values and purposes for mutual benefit.

Promote a spirit of conservation and the wise use of the earth, so that people can live in harmony and benefit from one another for centuries to come.
There are a greater variety of perspectives, cultures, and communities in today’s world than ever before. This is partly due to globalization through which people and countries have become increasingly connected culturally, politically and economically. One of the major aims of the Active Citizen project is ensuring that increasing connections lead to positive outcomes. This vision is important at a time when decisions taken locally can have an immense global impact..

To enable youth to build trust and understanding among themselves and in their community,

To value differences and work effectively towards sustainable development through creation of a strong sense of identity and culture

To encourage participants to explore local communities

To develop project planning, leadership and management skills

To engage participants in Social Action Projects that will improve the lives of communities especially in the area of Environmental Protection


The overall purpose of the project is to educate the youth on their immediate environment and to impart knowledge about the Ecosystems; their inter-dependence and requirements for survival. The project also instills the spirit of Scientific Inquiry into Environmental problems and involves the youth in efforts of Preservation.

To ensure that Environmental awareness becomes an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of schools using Eco-clubs, the project;

Frequently draws on the wonder of nature to inspire respect and reverence for truth and beauty

Enables children to learn about the effects of global warming, the use of resources, healthy living, local and global issues, means of protecting nature, and promoting biodiversity

Recycles waste, values a litter-free school environment, and uses water sparingly, thereby becoming a positive role-model for surrounding neighbors

Creates links with neighboring schools to take environmental action

Teaches children in schools to recycle, create compost, grow vegetables, and monitor the use of resources

Purchases locally produced food and green products

Urges School administrators, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni to embrace the effort to pursue sustainable living practices

In teaching students to be stewards of their communities, the earth and its resources, the Active Citizen project therefore strives to educate the next generation of leaders to make a difference in improving the Environment for humanity.