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The 5 days HOLLA Peer Educators Training was draw to a close on Saturday

The HOLLA peer educators training was organized by Initiative Africa with the support of British Council and European Union. The training was provided to 35 youngsters from Addis Ababa, Deisse, Hawassa and Wolisso.

Training encompassed various topics, exercises and games that work towards transforming an individual to an Active Citizen. The trainees also went on a field visit to Yeha Academy Bio farm where they saw advanced agricultural production and most clever ways of recycling. The main intend of the training was to transforming the youngsters in to Active Citizens and change agents in their perspective communities. The 35 trainees are also expected to train 270 youths in their communities and participate in awareness creating social events in collaboration with the 10 youth leaders who also received the training at the start of the project. The project is designed in a way that will create ripple effect in the community as to create more Active Citizens trough out the country. The training adjourned on Saturday after discussing the next step/task of the peer educators and how they can assist one another as well as the youth leaders.

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We work to reduce risks to vulnerable populations and to help communities, non-governmental organizations, and local authority provide services and protection for at-risk groups. For Initiative Africa vulnerable populations are defined as those groups of people who are typically excluded, disadvantaged or marginalized based on their economic, environmental, social, or cultural characteristics, specifically, children, youth and women.

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